One-on-One Holistic Health Coaching

Together, we will assess your current well-being, explore what optimal well-being looks like for you, set goals and map out action steps!

You will discover how to:

*take control of your health and well-being
*make your holistic health a priority across mind, body and spirit
*define nutrition options that are best for you and will nourish your body 
*reduce sugar cravings 
*lose weight without deprivation 
*improve digestion, bloating and inflammation 
*identify movement/ exercise that is best for you 
*increase energy and productivity 
*learn strategies to reduce and manage stress
*return to balance
*say yes to self
*build confidence 
*cultivate a mindset which encourages inner peace 
*improve sleep 
*establish YOUR Healthy Living Rituals 

Advanced Nutrition Coaching for:

*Whole Foods Nutrition
*Gluten or Dairy Free
*Vegetarian & Vegan
*Heart Health 

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Corporate Wellness Offering

This is an informative program inviting your employees to learn healthy lifestyle choices to help them move forward in their personal wellness journey. 

This programs covers physical, emotional and mental well-being inclusive of:

Stress Management 
Defining Personal Goals 

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